EIS Film Investment Opportunity - The Evil Inside

A Hunt Film And Movie Production

Sarah Woodward is a hard-nosed beat cop with the New Orleans Police Department. After her husband Robert is killed in a car accident while visiting his hometown of Pearl River, Sarah struggles to cope with both his loss and her stepson Michael’s increasingly hostile behaviour. The stress takes its toll, and when a routine patrol turns deadly, Sarah's personal and professional life spiral out of control. Accepting an offer from Robert's Aunt Kathy, Sarah travels to Pear River, hoping the time away will spark a return to normalcy. However, she quickly learns that the backwater community is no place for such hope.

Sarah’s fear is realized when Michael goes missing during a Scout campout. At dusk, Sarah is still searching for Michael with Sheriff Ethan when they find Scoutmaster Lew Pines shredded carcass. Just days later, another corpse, this one of a young boy, is found mauled beyond recognition. A distraught Sarah, unable to believe Michael is gone, breaks into the morgue to examine the corpse. She is convinced that the body is not Michael, but who's is it?

The more Sarah tries to find out what has happened the more AuNt Kathy and the Pearl River citizens closes ranks- it appears that the village has secrets that no one must find out and what she does discover might just kill her.....

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