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Investing in American Horror Films
The Evil Inside is unique in that it brings three aspects of horror to one film, as can been seen in the three comparable's below. The three films that showcase these terrifying attributes are ‘Silver Bullet’, ‘The Woman in Black’ and ‘Halloween’.


‘Halloween’ was unleashed on the world in 1978 featuring an emotionally void killer with a blank soul and the devil’s eyes. John Carpenter himself said ‘The character Michael Myres was at his scariest when he was without reason or motive’. ‘Halloween’ paved the way for many cult horror films without which movies such as ‘Friday the 13th’ and‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ would have never come to success.

The Woman in Black

‘The Woman in Black’ portrays Arthur Kipp, a young man on his own in a town where locals are terrified. An unknown evil is killing the town’s children. As he unravels the tale, his fears escalate and the town’s people recede further and further from him, leaving him to fight the demon on his own.

Silver Bullet

‘Silver Bullet’, based on a novel by Stephen King, portrays a young boy searching for clues to recent murders in a small American town. Convinced the killer is a werewolf, Marty investigates the locals. Where he searches for solace and protection is also where he encounters great evil.


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