Proposed Cast

Ethan Hawke in Horror Movies - Daybreaker, Sinister, The Purge Ethan Hawke (The Sheriff)

Ethan hit our screens in a big way in 2001 for his staring role in ‘Training Day.’

Since then he has grown in stature and has developed a niche in the horror world playing starring roles in well known horror films such as ‘Daybreakers’, ‘Sinister’ and ‘The Purge.’

Sarah Snook in forthcoming Horror Films 2017 Sarah Snook (Sarah Woodward)

Sarah performed in stage productions of ’Macbeth’ and ’Gallipoli’ while studying at NIDA. She recently moved over to American horror films, starring in ’Jessabelle’ & ‘Predestination’ where she worked with Ethan Hawke.

She has been nominated multiple times for ‘Best Actress’ and won two awards for her roles in ‘Not Suitable for Children’ and ‘Sisters of War’.

Kathy Bates in forthcoming Horror Films 2017 Kathy Bates (Aunt Kathy)

Kathy has a long running career in film, television and theatre.

Kathy discovered acting appearing in high school plays and studied drama at Southern Methodist University, graduating in 1969.
Her big break came in Stephen King's Misery (1990) alongside James Caan, winning the 'Best Actress' Oscar and Golden Globe award - a first for the horror genre.


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